We decided to call our business Hot Chops Co. because we felt this name could not be more appropriate for brass players. Many musicians, including ourselves, constantly refer to our technical playing skills, overall abilities, and embouchure as our "chops." We have found that this term is universal within the music scene and with the current enthusiasm for our products, we hope to expand the business by developing accessories for all instruments as we continue to grow. We hope you all enjoy Hot Chops Co. products!


Hot Chops Co. was originally co-founded by trumpeters, Lauren Hart Shaltis and Jen Fox Oliverio. After seeing an influx of female musicians and the lack of feminine inspired accessories for brass musicians, Hot Chops Co. was established. Hot Chops Co. products are designed for males and females looking to add more colorful accessories to their collections and showcase their individual personalities. Hot Chops Co. is currently manufacturing accessory pouches and mouthpiece pouches for brass instruments. These pouches can be customized with contemporary fabric and color choices on both the interior and exterior.